Sunday, November 1, 2009

Smocking with Grandma...

For my quiet time today I decided to get cozy and finish up a project.  Despite the glorious sunshine, I was finding it difficult to get warm - our house is so drafty!  Chris dutifully made a fire, stoking it until it was crackling hot, and still I was cold.  I pulled out a trusty old warm quilt my grandma made, wrapped my chilled bones inside it, and in no time I was toasty.  With each little stitch, memories came flashing back as my eyes wandered between my needle and the patchwork quilt that kept me cozy and warm.

"He really wants a warm quilt.  He asked if I had any 'real' quilts,"  my grandma told me as we brought a handmade quilt to the traveling preacher's aged silver airstream parked behind our church.  I didn't know what a 'real quilt' was, and I couldn't understand her agitation as she quietly said, "Lord, I pray he takes care of it." 

Not until my grandmother saw the quilt she gave me for my wedding hanging on our front porch swing did she ever truly chastise me - "Becky, do you realize how many stitches went into that quilt?"  I had just recently begun to sew and it dawned on me -  That's why she prayed over that quilt!  I knew I had disappointed her, and I felt neglectful and unappreciative.  I brought that quilt inside and never has it been left outside since!

When The Smocking Loft opened at our last location, my frail, loving grandmother was so proud as she struggled through the back door, looking upon the sewing room wall.  Her eyes lit up as she saw hanging there another of her treasures - a quilt she and her mother had made together.  One which I shall always take care to preserve.  Her words to me, with watering eyes, were, "Will you take care of it?"

"Yes, grandma,  I will,  I promise!"  I miss you!

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