Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What's up at the Smocking Loft Shop

It's been an incredibly long 3 months since we closed our shop. I laugh at my innocent notions about setting up a website! I recall thinking we'd be up and running by the end of July. HAH! At least now I know how to build a website! It has been a difficult learning process, but totally worth the efforts it has taken. Ginny, Chris, and I have worked our booties off getting it up and running!

Anyway, I have to say I'm missing the shop and seeing all our customers on a daily basis. Nevertheless, it has been nice to see you at our delivery spots and pick ups.

I thought a blog would be a great way to let you know what's going on around here.

Last weekend Chris and I drove to see our son at his boarding school. I miss him lots, but I can see the maturity it takes for him to be so independent and that makes me feel very proud! He's so tall & handsome! I can't believe he used to fit in a romper! : ( I remember when he started growing out of handmade things - I was at a loss for how to sew anything for him. He loved collecting rocks and shells - basically anything dirty or boyish, so I began to make for him what he called "pinch pockets". We would go down to the craft/fabric store and purchase the most boyish fabric - just a quarter of a yard. I'd get sewing as soon as we walked through the door with him standing anxiously behind my back asking, "is it done yet?" When the finished product was in his hands, he would run to his room and stuff it full of things. It wouldn't be long before he asked for another one to hold some new-found treasure. He had pinch pockets stashed everywhere! Basically it was a sack with a drawstring tunnel at the top. I'd use one of those springy clasps that come in bright colors to keep the drawstring tight. Really such an easy, simple thing to do, but for Charlie it seemed like such an amazing thing his mommy could do for him! sweet memories!

Anyway on the 13 hour drive to his school, I began smocking on a piece of bright red/orange (Flamingo) corduroy. I chose white as the smocking color. Wasn't sure what pattern I'd be making - kinda tired of the usual yoke, ect. When I came home a friend called and asked if we had any patterns from "the Handmade Dress" company. We did not have any but after investigating their products, we decided to carry them at the shop. I ordered several of each pattern. So, the newly smocked corduroy will be a top made from one of their patterns. I absolutely love the design of this dress. Be on the lookout for our 'inspiration of the week' next week. I will feature this pattern/fabric with pictures of my finished garment.